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'Without My ePublish Book, I would never have even tried to self-publish. With it, I not only succeeded but achieved a great product but learned a lot.  The process was clear and straightforward, and I could rely on someone with expertise to ensure the appropriate processes were followed at all times. As well as the technical formatting and production of the eBook, My ePublish Book was invaluable in offering advice about marketing, self-promotion and the use of social media - none of which I knew anything about! I now feel confident to continue to promote my book, and I highly recommend My ePublish Book to all authors out there.'

Anne Hamilton

A Blonde bengali Wife


​​A Blonde Bengali Wife, was first published by LL-Publications, a Glasgow-based publisher, in 2010. It was produced in paperback and as an eBook. The story behind the book, a travel memoir can be found on Anne's blog

Now her publishing contract has ended she has teamed up with My ePublish Book to go down the route of self-publishing. Below is our journey.

Anne: What exactly do you do and what do you expect me to do? Can you give me a summary list?

My ePublish Book: As a new client, we will discuss with you exactly how much support you want from us. We have a client checklist you can go through so we both know what you are looking for. Then we create a report sheet specifically for you, so we know what has been done and what needs to be done throughout the whole process, but this can be altered at anytime, should you want more or less support.

Anne: I want help with everything, publishing, formatting and marketing. When should I send the book to you? I am assuming you want it edited and proofread first – but what if I need help with that?  And what about formatting and layout etc?

My ePublish Book: Actually the first steps we need to take are in social media marketing. We need to build up a following for you on Twitter and Facebook and other social media if you wish. We will set up a specific Twitter account for the book and start building a following. We will need you to create an author page on your Facebook account and give us admin access so we can build a following there too. We don't want access to your own accounts and once My ePublish Book: have finished working with you, we hand everything over to you, with some guidelines to continue marketing your book, but you can change all the access codes to ensure privacy.

With regards to your book, once you have had it edited and proofread, and I strongly recommend you do, you can send it to us and we can begin the formatting.

Anne: I have very little experience with social media, are you saying you will manage it all for me?

My ePublish Book: Yes, we will need you to do a few things, but we will give you clear instructions on exactly what needs to be done, but in general, we can manage it all for you.

​Anne: When does it go live on Amazon?

My ePublish Book: We suggest the book is uploaded two weeks before it is due to be launched, this will give you an opportunity to get pre-orders which will give your book a better chance of achieving bestseller status. We will advise which categories you can list your book under, to get the best results. All the time this is going on, we will be building up your social media profile, organising book reviews, blog tours, blog guest spots, signing you to for author's pages and working on PR.

Anne: How long will it all take?

My ePublish Book: We would expect all the pre-marketing, publishing and post marketing to take about four to six weeks. During which time we will be providing you with regular updates on how it is all progressing.

Anne: And how much will it all cost?

My ePublish Book: We intend to provide a tailor-made service as each client will have different needs, but what we are providing for you, will cost approximately £500

Anne: So what happens now?

My ePublish Book: We will start by creating your Twitter account, your Facebook Author page set up an Amazon account for publishing and contact reviewers who may be interested in posting a review of your book.

Anne: What happens if a reviewer doesn't like my book, won't that look bad on my Amazon page?

My ePublish Book: Reviewers don't tend to publish reviews if they don't like your book or award it less than 3***

Anne: I see my Twitter account is getting more followers and that you have been Tweeting on my behalf and thanks to the direction of My ePublish Book I have had a great take up by book reviewers and bloggers all of which are posting to Amazon, Goodreads and their own blogging pages. You've also pointed out some really helpful Facebook groups and websites for authors. Is there anything else we shoudl be doing?

My ePublish Book: Marketing a self-published book is a long-haul venture. As you mention your following is growing, that is due to us taking time each day to Tweet on your behalf and research people who you should follow. You're getting shares and likes on your Facebook author page, plus you have guest blogs and Q&As set up with book bloggers. Now we should look at the old fashioned type of marketing - press. We will research publications and other media, write a press release and work on getting interest in your book.

Anne and My ePublish Book worked together for six weeks formatting, developing social media visibility, organising book reviews and virtual book tours, setting up authors pages and generally marketing A Blond Bengali Wife everywhere. We are proud to say that the hard work paid off and Anne reached Bestseller status in the three categories she was listed in on Amazon, including the number one spot in one of those.

A Blonde Bengali Wife is available to buy from Amazon at

Case Study Blog

Editor and author Anne Hamilton has decided she would like to re-launch her book A Blond Bengali Wife. 

We decided this would be a great opportunity for a case study, to show potential clients how My ePublish Book can work with you to e-publish your book and how we can help you market it, to get the best results.

This is a totally new area for Anne, so her questions will be similar to any author choosing to go down this route. We hope you find it helpful and informative as we navigate our way from manuscript to publication and beyond.